Gašper Kratašnik

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Name: Gašper
Family name: Kratašnik
Nationality: Slovenia
Age: 23 years
Date of birth: 20-06-1995
Place of birth:

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1082
Points: 45.00








All races

2014    5º in Medvode, Criterium, Medvode (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2015    8º in GP Izola - Buta Plin, (Izola), Izola (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2015    1º in GP Sarajevo, (Sarajevo), Sarajevo (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bosnia Hercegovina 
2015    4º in Po ulicah Kranja, (Kranj (a)), Kranj (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2015    7º in European Championship, Road, U23, Tartu (Tartumaa), Estonia 
2015    4º in VN Avtomojster, (Medvode), Medvode (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2016    2º in Šenčurja, (Šenčur), Šenčur (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2016    9º in GP Kranj, (Kranj), Kranj (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2016    8º in Stage 2 Czech Cycling Tour, Unicov (Olomoucky Kraj), Czech Republic 
2016    5º in Stage 3 Tour de l'Avenir, Autun (Bourgogne), France 
2016    5º in Hradec Kralove, Criterium, Hradec Kralove (Kralovehradecky Kraj), Czech Republic 
2016    1º in VN Avtomojster, (Medvode), Medvode (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2017    8º in GP Izola - Buta Plin, (Izola), Izola (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2017    10º in Stage 4 Tour of Croatia, Tour de Croatie, (Kroz Hrvatsku), Umag (Istarska), Croatia 
2017    10º in Gran Premio della Liberazione, (Roma, U23), Roma (Lazio), Italy 
2017    5º in Beograd - Banja Luka I, Serbia 
2017    7º in Beograd - Banja Luka II, Serbia 
2017    5º in Stage 1 Vredeskoers / Course de la Paix / Friedensfahrt / Peace Race - GP Priessnitz Spa, (Závod Miru, U23), Rymarov (Moravskoslezsky Kraj), Czech Republic 
2017    2º in Stage 1 Tour of Malopolska, Trzebinia (Małopolskie), Poland 
2017    3º in Stage 2 Tour of Malopolska, Stary Sacz (Małopolskie), Poland 
2017    7º in General Classification Tour of Malopolska, Poland 
2017    9º in Prologue Sibiu Cycling Tour, Sibiu (Sibiu), Romania 
2017    7º in Stage 4 Sibiu Cycling Tour, Sibiu (Sibiu), Romania 
2017    9º in Stage 4 Czech Cycling Tour, Dolany (Olomoucky Kraj), Czech Republic 

2018    5º in Porec Trophy, Trofej Plava Laguna 1, (Porec), Croatia 
2018    4º in Internationales Eröffnungsrennen, (Leonding), Austria 
2018    1º in Stage 1 Beograd - Banja Luka I, Brcko , Bosnia Hercegovina 
2018    1º in Stage 2 Beograd - Banja Luka I, Banja Luka (Republika Srpska), Bosnia Hercegovina 
2018    1º in General Classification Beograd - Banja Luka I, Serbia 
2018    1º in Stage 3 CCC Tour, (Szlakiem Grodow Piastowskich), Jawor (Dolnośląskie), Poland 
2018    6º in Stage 4 Szlakiem walk mjr. Hubala, Konskie (Świętokrzyskie), Poland 
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Victories in the database: 6
Classification – Road – General Classification: 1
Road – Stage: 3
Road - Race: 2
Victories by team/year:

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