David Petrushevski

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Name: David
Family name: Petrushevski
Nationality: Macedonia
Age: 24 years
Date of birth: 13-12-1996
Place of birth:


All races

2017    4º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Macedonia, Macedonia 
2017    4º in Ilinden, Ilinden (Ilinden), Macedonia 

2018    3º in Ilinden, Ilinden (Ilinden), Macedonia 

2019    5º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Macedonia, Macedonia 

2020    2º in Trophy 11 October, (Kumanovo), Macedonia 

2021    4º in Cup of Macedonia Veles, (Veles), Macedonia 
2021    3º in Trophy 11 October, (Kumanovo), Macedonia 
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