Marie-Rose Gaillard

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Name: Marie-Rose
Family name: Gaillard
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 76 years
Date of birth: 19-08-1944
Place of birth: Thimister (Liege), Belgium




All races

1962    1º in World Championship, Road, Elite (F), Salò (Lombardia), Italy 

1965    1º in Zelzate (F), Zelzate (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    1º in Antwerpen (F), Antwerpen (Antwerpen), Belgium 
1965    3º in Baal (F), Baal (Vlaams-Brabant), Belgium 
1965    3º in Bilstain (F), Bilstain (Liege), Belgium 
1965    1º in Assenede (F), Assenede (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    2º in Oudenaarde (F), Oudenaarde (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    1º in Thoricourt (F), Thoricourt (Hainaut), Belgium 
1965    1º in Barvaux (F), Barvaux (Luxembourg), Belgium 
1965    3º in De Panne (F), De Panne (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    3º in Frameries (F), Frameries (Hainaut), Belgium 
1965    1º in Soignies (F), Soignies (Hainaut), Belgium 
1965    2º in GP Stad Roeselare, (Roeselare (F)), Roeselare (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    1º in Bracquegnies (F), Bracquegnies (Hainaut), Belgium 
1965    3º in Lier (F), Lier (Antwerpen), Belgium 
1965    1º in Izegem (F), Izegem (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    1º in Schorisse (F), Schorisse (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1965    3º in Tournai (F), Tournai (Hainaut), Belgium 
1965    3º in Hemiksem (F), Hemiksem (Antwerpen), Belgium 
1965    2º in Linkeroever, (Antwerpen (F)), Antwerpen (Antwerpen), Belgium 
1965    3º in Tielen (F), Tielen (Antwerpen), Belgium 

1966    3º in Gulpen (F), Gulpen (Limburg), The Netherlands 
1966    1º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Belgium (F), Belgium 
1966    1º in Schaesberg (F), Schaesberg (Limburg), The Netherlands 
1966    1º in Vierset-Barse (F), Vierset-Barse (Liege), Belgium 
1966    2º in Antwerpen (F), Antwerpen (Antwerpen), Belgium 
1966    1º in Lovendegem (F), Lovendegem (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1966    2º in Bilstain (F), Bilstain (Liege), Belgium 
1966    2º in Welkenraedt (F), Welkenraedt (Liege), Belgium 
1966    1º in Saint-Gérard (F), Saint-Gérard (Namur), Belgium 
1966    3º in Ougrée (F), Ougrée (Liege), Belgium 
1966    2º in Bracquegnies (F), Bracquegnies (Hainaut), Belgium 
1966    1º in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Tielt, (Tielt (F)), Tielt (Brabant), Belgium 
1966    2º in Neerlinter (F), Neerlinter (Brabant), Belgium 

Photo: courtesy Michel Renaud
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Victories in the database: 16
Road – Criterium: 4
Road – National Championship: 1
Road - Race: 10
Road - World Championship: 1
Victories by team/year:

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