Nikoline Hansen

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Name: Nikoline
Family name: Hansen
Nationality: Denmark
Age: 32 years
Date of birth: 04-04-1987
Place of birth:
Professional: 2008 -




All races

2004    5º in Rund um Ascheffel, (Ascheffel (F)), Ascheffel (Schleswig-Holstein), Germany 

2007    3º in General Classification DCU-Cup, (VDO Lady Cup (F)), Denmark 
2007    2º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Denmark (F), Varde (Syddanmark), Denmark 
2007    3º in VDO Lady Cup, (Vejen (F)), Vejen (Syddanmark), Denmark 
2007    3º in Vittoria Cup, (Tønder (F)), Tønder (Syddanmark), Denmark 

2008    1º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Denmark (F), Kolding (Syddanmark), Denmark 
2008    2º in Gladsaxe CC, (Gladsaxe, Elite/U23 (F)), Gladsaxe (Hovedstaden), Denmark 
2008    2º in Road Bike Shop Løbet/ABC, (Farum, Elite/U23 (F)), Farum (Hovedstaden), Denmark 
2008    3º in Jysk/Fynsk Mesterskab, Road, ITT, Elite, Denmark (F), Denmark 
2008    1º in Odder (F), Odder (Midtjyllen), Denmark 
2008    1º in Aarhus 2 dage ved Århus Cross, (Aarhus, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F)), Brabrand (Midtjyllen), Denmark 
2008    1º in Ventoux de Greve Cross, (Greve, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F)), Greve (Sjelland), Denmark 
2008    1º in København, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F), København (Hovedstaden), Denmark 
2008    1º in Varde, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F), Varde (Syddanmark), Denmark 
2008    1º in Jysk/Fynsk Mesterskab, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Denmark (F), Vejen (Syddanmark), Denmark 
2008    1º in Haderslev, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F), Haderslev (Syddanmark), Denmark 

2009    2º in Vechta, Cyclo-cross (F), Vechta (Niedersachsen), Germany 
2009    1º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Denmark (F), Helsingør (Hovedstaden), Denmark 
2009    1º in Fredericia, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F), Fredericia (Syddanmark), Denmark 
2009    1º in Aarhus, Elite/U23 (F), Virring (Midtjyllen), Denmark 

2010    1º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Denmark (F), Aarhus (Midtjyllen), Denmark 
2010    36º in World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite (F), Tabor (Moravskoslezsky Kraj), Czech Republic 
2010    7º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Denmark (F), Hobro (Nordjylland), Denmark 
2010    3º in National Championship, Mountainbike, XC, Elite, Denmark (F), Varde (Syddanmark), Denmark 

2012    1º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Denmark (F), Haderslev (Syddanmark), Denmark 

Photo: courtesy Kaj Igor Hansen
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Victories in the database: 13
Cyclo-cross – National Championship: 4
Cyclo-cross - Race: 7
Road – Criterium: 2
Victories by team/year:
2008: 8 victories
2009: 3 victories
2011: 0 victories

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