Christophe Mosbeux

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Name: Christophe
Family name: Mosbeux
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 39 years
Date of birth: 16-08-1979
Place of birth: Verviers (Liege), Belgium


All races

2012    4º in Polleur (a), Polleur (Liege), Belgium 
2012    5º in Anthisnes, Anthisnes (Liege), Belgium 

2013    5º in Romsée (a), Romsée (Liege), Belgium 
2013    3º in Grâce-Hollogne, Amateurs, Grâce-Hollogne (Liege), Belgium 
2013    5º in Waremme (a), Waremme (Liege), Belgium 
2013    2º in Jeneffe (b), Jeneffe (Namur), Belgium 
2013    1º in GP Wandrille Lacroix, (Porcheresse, Amateurs), Porcheresse (Namur), Belgium 

2014    2º in Grâce-Hollogne, Grâce-Hollogne (Liege), Belgium 
2014    1º in Challenge Joseph Swerts, (Othée), Othée (Liege), Belgium 
2014    3º in Herstal (c), Herstal (Liege), Belgium 
2014    5º in Sprimont (a), Sprimont (Liege), Belgium 
2014    5º in Jauche, Jauche (Brabant), Belgium 
2014    2º in Waremme (a), Waremme (Liege), Belgium 
2014    1º in Jose-Battice, (José, Amateurs), José (Liege), Belgium 
2014    3º in Jeneffe-en-Condroz, (Jeneffe (a)), Jeneffe (Namur), Belgium 
2014    3º in Marchin, Marchin (Liege), Belgium 

2015    1º in Mettet (b), Mettet (Namur), Belgium 
2015    1º in Waremme (a), Waremme (Liege), Belgium 

2016    5º in Retinne, Retinne (Liege), Belgium 
2016    4º in Baelen, Baelen (Liege), Belgium 
2016    4º in Polleur (a), Polleur (Liege), Belgium 
2016    5º in Romsée (a), Romsée (Liege), Belgium 
2016    2º in Tour de Hesbaye, (Lens-Saint-Remy), Lens-Saint-Remy (Liege), Belgium 
2016    2º in Lommel-Barrier, (Lommel, Amateurs), Lommel (Limburg), Belgium 
2016    3º in World Championship, Road, Masters A, Groot-Gelmen (Limburg), Belgium 
2016    5º in Lac de Cherapont, (Gouvy), Gouvy (Luxembourg), Belgium 
2016    5º in Waremme (a), Waremme (Liege), Belgium 
2016    1º in Leuze-Eghezée, (Leuze (b)), Leuze (Namur), Belgium 

2017    2º in Marbais, Belgium 
2017    3º in Retinne, Belgium 
2017    1º in Baelen-sur-Vesdre, (Baelen, Amateurs), Belgium 
2017    4º in Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium 
2017    3º in Kotem-Maasmechelen, (Kotem), Belgium 
2017    3º in Meux, Amateurs, Belgium 
2017    3º in Jose-Battice, (José, Amateurs), Belgium 

2018    1º in Jeneffe-en-Condroz, (Jeneffe, Amateurs), Belgium 
2018    9º in Hakendover (a), Hakendover (Brabant), Belgium 
2018    2º in National Championship, Road, Masters A, Belgium, Spy (Namur), Belgium 
2018    5º in Saive, Amateurs, Belgium 
2018    4º in Plombières, Belgium 
2018    2º in GP Ets. Yvan Staquet, (Walhain, Amateurs), Belgium 
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Victories in the database: 8
Road - Race: 8
Victories by team/year:
2016: 1 victory
2017: 1 victory

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