Safi - Pasta Zara - Manhattan 2006           

Name of the teamSafi - Pasta Zara - Manhattan
from - until 01-04-2006 - 31-03-2007
Category UCITrack
Team Manager     Gian Enrico Zanardo
Assistent Team Manager     Antamas Jakimavicius

Team Composition

 Bronzini, Giorgia
from 01-04-2006 until 31-03-2007
 Carrara, Vera
from 01-04-2006 until 31-03-2007

Victories this year

All races

14-04-2006    World Championship, Track, Points race, Elite (F) Vera Carrara
20-08-2006    Stage 2 Trophée d'Or Féminin (F) Giorgia Bronzini
01-09-2006    Stage 5 Holland Ladies Tour (F) Vera Carrara
13-09-2006    Stage 2 part b Giro della Toscana Int. Femminile (F) Giorgia Bronzini
15-12-2006    Moscou, Points race (F) Giorgia Bronzini

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