Hitec Products 2015           

Name of the teamHitec Products
from - until 01-01-2015 - 31-12-2015
Category UCIWomen
Bikes Scott
Team Manager     Marc Bracke
General Manager     Karl Lima
Assistent Team Manager     Terje Hatteland

Team Composition

 Becker, Charlotte
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Bjørnsrud, Miriam
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Guderzo, Tatiana
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Gunvaldsen, Janicke
from 01-09-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Heine Pētersone, Vita
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Gotaas Johnsen, Cecilie
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Kitchen, Lauren
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Leth, Julie
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Hatteland Lima, Tone
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Møberg, Emilie
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Thorsen, Thea
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Van Glabeke, Shana
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 Wild, Kirsten
from 01-01-2015 until 31-12-2015
 The Netherlands

Victories this year

All races

18-01-2015    Cali, Omnium (F) Kirsten Wild
07-02-2015    Anadia, Scratch (F) Kirsten Wild
08-02-2015    Anadia, Omnium (F) Kirsten Wild
15-02-2015    Oceania Cycling Championships, Road, Elite (F) Lauren Kitchen
21-02-2015    World Championship, Track, Scratch, Elite (F) Kirsten Wild
15-03-2015    Coevorden (F) Kirsten Wild
09-04-2015    Stage 2 Tour of Thailand (F) Lauren Kitchen
11-04-2015    Stage 3 Energiewacht Tour (F) Kirsten Wild
19-04-2015    Apeldoorn (F) Kirsten Wild
25-04-2015    Borsele (F) Kirsten Wild
01-05-2015    Rijssen (F) (a) Lauren Kitchen
13-05-2015    Stage 1 Tour of Chongming Island (F) Kirsten Wild
14-05-2015    Stage 2 Tour of Chongming Island (F) Kirsten Wild
15-05-2015    General Classification Tour of Chongming Island (F) Kirsten Wild
20-05-2015    Stage 1 Tour of Zhoushan Island I (F) Tatiana Guderzo
21-05-2015    Stage 2 Tour of Zhoushan Island I (F) Lauren Kitchen
22-05-2015    General Classification Tour of Zhoushan Island I (F) Lauren Kitchen
04-06-2015    Gatineau (F) Kirsten Wild
20-06-2015    Zwolle (F) (b) Kirsten Wild
25-06-2015    National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Norway (F) Cecilie Johnsen
28-06-2015    National Championship, Road, Elite, Norway (F) Miriam Bjørnsrud
30-06-2015    Fiorenzuola d Arda, Scratch (F) Kirsten Wild
10-07-2015    Stage 2 Krasna Lipa Tour Féminine (F) Emilie Møberg
11-07-2015    Dublin, Omnium (F) Kirsten Wild
11-07-2015    Stage 4 Krasna Lipa Tour Féminine (F) Emilie Møberg
12-07-2015    Dublin, Scratch (F) Kirsten Wild
19-07-2015    Stage 4 Tour de Bretagne (F) Kirsten Wild
19-12-2015    Melbourne, Madison (F) Julie Leth
20-12-2015    National Championship, Track, Madison, Elite, The Netherlands (F) Kirsten Wild
29-12-2015    National Championship, Track, Pursuit, Elite, The Netherlands (F) Kirsten Wild

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