Crelan - Vastgoedservice Team 2016           

Name of the teamCrelan - Vastgoedservice Team
from - until 01-01-2016 - 31-12-2016
Category UCICT
Bikes Colnago
Team Manager     Niels Albert
General Manager     Geert Vanhoof
Assistent Team Manager     Jan Verstraeten
Assistent Team Manager     Kevin Hulsmans
Assistent Team Manager     Roger Loysch
Assistent Team Manager     Stijn Van Hout

Team Composition

 Adams, Jens
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Adams, Joeri
from 01-01-2016 until 28-02-2016
 Boucher, David
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Coenen, Dennis
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Denuwelaere, Jan
from 01-01-2016 until 28-02-2016
 Druyts, Gerry
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Eijssen, Yannick
from 01-01-2016 until 16-05-2016
 Geuens, Alexander
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Geysen, Kurt
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Jacobs, Pieter
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Merlier, Tim
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Meurisse, Xandro
from 01-01-2016 until 31-07-2016
 Peeters, Yannick
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Peeters, Rob
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Robert, Frederique
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Ruijgh, Rob
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 The Netherlands
 Schuermans, Jelle
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Stevens, Timothy
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Van Aert, Wout
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Van Dingenen, Jordi
from 01-01-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Vanreyten, Joachim
from 01-08-2016 until 31-12-2016
 Belgium (Trainee)

Victories this year

All races

01-01-2016    Baal, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
10-01-2016    National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite w/o contract, Belgium Joeri Adams
10-01-2016    National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Belgium Wout Van Aert
17-01-2016    Leudelange, Cyclo-cross Joeri Adams
24-01-2016    Lanarvily, Cyclo-cross Joeri Adams
24-01-2016    General Classification World Cup, Cyclo-cross, Elite Wout Van Aert
31-01-2016    World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite Wout Van Aert
06-02-2016    General Classification BPost Bank Trofee, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
06-02-2016    General Classification BPost Bank Trofee, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
13-02-2016    General Classification Superprestige, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
14-02-2016    Eeklo, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
23-02-2016    UCI Ranking, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
20-03-2016    Mol Timothy Stevens
26-03-2016    Erpe-Mere Gerry Druyts
26-03-2016    Putte (a) Pieter Jacobs
27-03-2016    Sint-Truiden (d) Timothy Stevens
28-03-2016    Hannut David Boucher
29-03-2016    Hakendover (a) Dennis Coenen
07-04-2016    Provincial Championship Antwerpen, Road, ITT Elite w/o contract, Belgium Kurt Geysen
10-04-2016    Dilsen-Stokkem Dennis Coenen
30-04-2016    Wortegem, Elite/U23 Xandro Meurisse
01-05-2016    Kortessem (a) Frederique Robert
07-05-2016    Stage 4 Quatre Jours de Dunkerque Xandro Meurisse
10-05-2016    Lutlommel David Boucher
12-05-2016    Kortenaken (b) Alexander Geuens
18-05-2016    Puivelde Wout Van Aert
22-05-2016    Verrebroek Timothy Stevens
25-05-2016    Prologue Ronde van België Wout Van Aert
31-05-2016    Mol (b) Kurt Geysen
05-06-2016    Deurne, Derny Wout Van Aert
18-06-2016    Binderveld Alexander Geuens
19-06-2016    Halen (a) Alexander Geuens
15-07-2016    Geel Alexander Geuens
21-07-2016    Stage 4 Tour de la Province de Liège Jordi Van Dingenen
24-07-2016    Provincial Championship Limburg -B-, Road, Elite w/o contract, Belgium Timothy Stevens
27-07-2016    Stage 1 Ronde van Vlaams-Brabant Timothy Stevens
31-07-2016    Opstal Dennis Coenen
31-07-2016    Stage 5 Ronde van Vlaams-Brabant Alexander Geuens
07-08-2016    Stage 5 Tour de la Province de Namur Rob Ruijgh
14-08-2016    National Championship, Road, U23, Belgium Joachim Vanreyten
20-08-2016    Mazenzele, Derny David Boucher
23-08-2016    Zottegem Tim Merlier
28-08-2016    Merksem Wout Van Aert
31-08-2016    Yanqing, Cyclo-cross Rob Peeters
11-09-2016    Geraardsbergen, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
14-09-2016    Retie, Elite/U23 Timothy Stevens
22-09-2016    Las Vegas, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
25-09-2016    Illnau, Cyclo-cross Jens Adams
25-09-2016    Iowa City, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
28-09-2016    Berlare Timothy Stevens
09-10-2016    Ronse, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
20-10-2016    Ardooie, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
22-10-2016    Boom, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
01-11-2016    Koppenberg, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
03-12-2016    Francorchamps, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
10-12-2016    Essen, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
26-12-2016    Zolder, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
29-12-2016    Loenhout, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert
30-12-2016    Bredene, Cyclo-cross Wout Van Aert

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