Olympic Games, Road, Amateurs 1932

Date: 04-08-1932
Distance: 100 km
Road – Olympic Time Trial Championship
Departure: Los Angeles (California), United States of America
Arrival: Los Angeles (California), United States of America
Category UCI: JO
Main Olympic Games, Road, Amateurs


1 Attilio Pavesi  ITAin  02h 28m 05.6s
2 Guglielmo Segato  ITAat 01m 16s
3 Bernhard Britz  SWEat 01m 40s
4 Giuseppe Olmo  ITAat 01m 43s
5 Frode Sørensen  DENat 02m 06s
6 Frank Southall  GBRat 02m 11s
7 Giovanni Cazzulani  ITAat 03m 02s
8 Sven Höglund  SWEat 03m 24s
9 Leo Nielsen  DENat 04m 43s
10 Paul Chocque  FRAat 05m 19s
11 Henry O'Brien  USAat 05m 31s
12 Henry-Peter Hansen  DENat 07m 45s
13 Amédée Fournier  FRAat 08m 01s
14 Henri Mouillefarine  FRAat 08m 59s
15 Charles Holland  GBRat 09m 12s
16 Stanley Meredith Butler  GBRat 09m 14s
17 Frank E. Connell  USAat 09m 15s
18 Gunnar Andersen  DENat 09m 18s
19 William Gladstone Harvell  GBRat 09m 41s
20 Arne Berg  SWEat 09m 53s
21 Folke Nilsson  SWEat 09m 59s
22 Glen Robbins  CANat 10m 19s
23 Ronald Gordon Foubister  NZLat 10m 37s
24 Georges Conan  FRAat 10m 53s
25 James Stanley Jackson  CANat 12m 24s
26 Otto Luedeke  USAat 12m 54s
27 Francis Elliott  CANat 14m 58s
28 Werner Wittig  GERat 15m 31s
29 John Sinibaldi  USAat 15m 56s
30 Julius Maus  GERat 17m 10s
31 Sebestyén Schmidt  HUNat 20m 28s
32 Hubert Ebner  GERat 24m 25s
33 Manuel Diaz Cruz  MEXat 33m 03s

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