Pan American Championships, Cyclo-cross, Juniors 2019

Date: 10-11-2019
Distance: km
Cyclo-cross – Regional Championship
Departure: Midland (Ontario), Canada
Arrival: Midland (Ontario), Canada
Category UCI: CC
Main Pan American Championships, Cyclo-cross, Juniors


1 Andrew Strohmeyer  USAin 41m 31.00s
2 Nick Carter  USAat 54.00s
3 Matthew Leliveld  CANat 01m 08.00s
4 Jared Scott  USAat 01m 13.00s
5 Magnus Sheffield  USAat 02m 26.00s
6 Tommy Servetas  USAat 01m 27.00s
7 Ian McDonald  USAat 01m 33.00s
8 Cody Scott  CANat 01m 58.00s
9 Ivan Gallego  USAat 02m 00.00s
10 Jacob Rubuliak  CANat 02m 21.00s
11 Dylan Zakrajsek  USAat 02m 22.00s
12 Cole Punchard  CANat 02m 35.00s
13 Kyle Johnson  USAat 02m 57.00s
14 Lucas Stierwalt  USAat 03m 03.00s
15 Ian Williams  USAat 03m 25.00s
16 Xavier Roy  CANat 03m 29.00s
17 Noah Ramsay  CANat 03m 40.00s
18 Jamie Williams  USAat 03m 46.00s
19 Peyton Wiebe  CANat 03m 59.00s
20 Trevor August  USAat 04m 22.00s
21 Matis Boyer  CANat 04m 30.00s
22 Gabriel Dobrozsi  USAat 04m 33.00s
23 Nicholas Petrov  USAat 04m 38.00s
24 Tydeman Newman  USAat 00.00s
25 Luke Elphingstone  USAat 04m 40.00s
26 Marc Gauvin  CANat 04m 56.00s
27 Will Smith  CANat 05m 17.00s
28 Tayton Parker  USAat 06m 43.00s
29 Dylan Atkinson  USAat 06m 51.00s
30 Brett Lancaster  CANat 07m 49.00s
31 Vin Hludzinski  USAat 00.00s
32 Finlay MacEwen  CANat 00.00s
33 Milo Nixon  CANat 00.00s
34 Owen August  USAat 00.00s

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