Tour of Britain 1952

Great Britain
Date: 06-09-1952
Distance: 2366 km
Classification – Road – General Classification
Departure: Hastings (East Sussex), Great Britain
Arrival: London (Greater London), Great Britain
Category UCI:
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1 Ken Russell  GBRin  61h 26m 49s
2 Les Scales  GBRat 03m
3 Bob Maitland  GBRat 05m 10s
4 Ian Greenfield  GBRat 12m 19s
5 Ian Steel  GBRat 12m 51s
6 Gordon W. Thomas  GBRat 17m 09s
7 Bevis Wood  GBRat 18m 09s
8 Marcel Michaux  BELat 23m 11s
9 David Robinson  GBRat 23m 41s
10 Bill Cook  GBRat 25m 45s
11 Gaston Vandendooren  BELat 26m 35s
12 Peter Proctor  GBRat 26m 47s
13 Alfred Newman  GBRat 29m 47s
14 Stan Blair  GBRat 30m 05s
15 Trevor Fenwick  GBRat 31m 12s
16 Norman Yeaman  GBRat 33m 14s
17 John Pottier  GBRat 35m 40s
18 Albert Bodson  BELat 36m 33s
19 Jean Bougeois  BELat 42m 48s
20 Joe Christison  GBRat 44m 07s
21 Tony Phillips  GBRat 49m 09s
22 Derrick Clarke  GBRat 59m 36s
23 Stan Jones  GBRat  01h 02m 44s
24 John Welch  GBRat  01h 04m 28s
25 Alex Marr  GBRat  01h 06m 20s
26 Joseph Meade  GBRat  01h 07m 40s
27 Ken Taylor  GBRat  01h 07m 50s
28 Charlie Mather  GBRat  01h 10m 33s
29 Don Wilson  GBRat  01h 11m 32s
30 Doug Petty  GBRat  01h 12m 54s
31 Len Hook  GBRat  01h 14m 18s
32 Len West  GBRat  01h 14m 27s
33 James Grundill  GBRat  01h 14m 48s
34 Sid Aldridge  GBRat  01h 30m 21s
35 Mac Cotterill  GBRat  01h 32m 09s
36 Douglas Houghton  GBRat  01h 59m 15s
37 Edward Hawkins  IRLat  02h 40m 13s
38 James Fredrick Wilson  GBRat  02h 42m 53s
39 Cecil O'Reilly  IRLat  02h 46m 33s
40 Ramsay Mackay  GBRat  03h 10m 38s
41 Jimmy May  GBRat  03h 31m 53s
42 Fred Williams  GBRat  03h 41m 38s
43 Noel Morrish  IRLat  04h 34m

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