Paris - Cabourg 1897

Date: 22-08-1897
Distance: 202 km
Road - Race
Departure: Paris (Ile-de-France), France
Arrival: Cabourg (Basse-Normandie), France
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1 Maurice Garin  FRAin  06h
2 Jules Dubois  FRAat 15m 59s
3 Léopold Trousselier  FRAat 39m 03.00s
4 Rodolfo Muller  ITAat 39m 10s
5 Edouard Wattelier  FRAat 45m 25.00s
6 ? Smith  FRAat 56m 00.00s
7 Marcel Doré  FRAat  01h 07m 33.00s
8 A. Pelletier  FRAat  01h 35m 52.00s
9 Max Hébert  FRAat  01h 45m 45.00s
10 ? Giltay  FRAat  01h 49m 57.00s
11 Claude Chapperon  FRAat  01h 50m 39.00s
12 Gustave Cresté  FRAat  01h 56m 27.00s
13 V.-E. Jacquin  FRAat  02h 14m 53.00s
14 ? Nicolas  SUIat  02h 15m 36.00s
15 ? Lebert  FRAat  02h 47m 00.00s
16 ? Barra  FRAat  03h 07m 07.00s
16 Félix Barra  FRAat  03h 07m 07.00s
17 L. Dumont  FRAat  03h 12m 14.00s
18 E. Barroux  FRAat  03h 14m 20.00s
19 Émile Lombard  BELat  03h 18m 37.00s
20 Léon Lair  FRAat  03h 18m 38.00s
21 ? Barochez  FRAat  03h 23m 39.00s
22 François Duval  FRAat  03h 30m 59.00s
23 Louis Vacher  FRAat  03h 32m 37.00s
24 Raphaël Righetti  FRAat  03h 36m 21.00s
25 ? Remo  FRAat  03h 37m 03.00s
26 Louis Barbrel  FRAat  03h 47m 36.00s
27 ? Beaufort  FRAat  04h 24m 49.00s
28 Louis Lefieux  FRAat  04h 38m 00.00s

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