Milano - München 1894

Date: 13-06-1894
Distance: 587 km
Road - Race
Departure: Milano (Lombardia), Italy
Arrival: München (Bayern), Germany
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Main Milano - München


1 Josef Fischer  GERin  29h 32m 30s
2 Max Reheis  GERat  01h 30m 55s
3 Ferenc Gerger  AUTat  02h 38m 25s
4 Hans Traugott - Hirsch  GERat  04h 30m 55.00s
5 Oswald Gruttner  GERat  04h 46m 55.00s
6 Costanzo Trifoni  ITAat  06h 36m 35.00s
7 Ernesto Costa  ITAat  08h 13m 45.00s
8 Franz Heine  GERat  09h 22m 40.00s
9 Franz Reckzeh  GERat  12h 21m 15.00s
10 Hermann Weiß  GERat  15h 37m 25.00s
11 August Koder  GERat  20h 35m 55.00s
12 Giuseppe Mazzucotelli  ITAat  21h 33m 45.00s
13 Karl Montoifon  AUTat  21h 48m 55.00s
14 Xaver Schweinbeck  GERat  21h 54m 30.00s
15 Georg Sorge  GERat  23h 33m 15.00s
16 H. Börzler  GERat  23h 56m 45.00s
17 Friedrich Emanuel Allhanns  GERat  23h 59m 35.00s
18 Giovanni Mutti  ITAat  24h 04m 15.00s
19 Giacomo Capella  ITAat  24h 05m 21.00s

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