Volta a Portugal 1981
Ronde van Portugal

Date: 01-08-1981
Distance: km
Classification – Road – General Classification
Category UCI:
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1 Manuel Ramos Zeferino  PORin  50h 14m 04.00s
2 Venceslau Domingues Fernandes  PORat 10m 54.00s
3 Fernando Sousa Fernandes  PORat 11m 37.00s
4 Adelino Teixeira  PORat 12m 11.00s
5 Floriano Mendes  PORat 12m 57.00s
6 Belmiro Silva  PORat 13m 26.00s
7 Alexandre Manuel Costa Ruas  PORat 13m 58.00s
8 Marco António Martins Chagas  PORat 14m 29.00s
9 Joaquim Pereira Andrade  PORat 14m 34.00s
10 Abel Coelho  PORat 15m 52.00s

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