Tour de France 1904

Date: 13-07-1904
3º stage
Distance: 424 km
Road – Stage
Departure: Marseille (Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur), France
Arrival: Toulouse (Midi-Pyrenees), France
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In the third stage, the Tour reached Nîmes, near the home town of Payan, whose fans were angry because of his disqualification during stage one. They threw rocks at the riders, and barricaded the road. The cyclists had troubles passing through Nîmes, and several were injured. The most important event for the general classification was when César Garin's bicycle was broken by attackers; he had to find a new bicycle, which took him 15 minutes. Further on, nails and broken glass were spread along the road. Many riders punctured, but there were no serious falls. The cyclists passed this part walking. After Nîmes, a leading group of five cyclists was formed: Maurice Garin, Pothier, Aucouturier, Cornet and Beaugendre. Aucouturier and Cornet broke away from that group, and Aucouturier won, beating his fellow escapee in the sprint.


1 Henri Cornet  FRAin  15h 43m 55s
2 François Beaugendre  FRAat 08m 11s
3 Jean-Baptiste Dortignacq  FRAat 42m 07s
4 Aloïs Catteau  BELat 43m 05s
5 Jean Dargassies  FRAat  02h 15m 44s
6 Alfred Faure  FRAat  02h 15m 44s
7 Charles Prévost  FRAat  03h 14m 07s
8 Noël Prévost  FRAat  04h 47m 36s
9 Auguste Daumain  FRAat  05h 04m 50s
10 Gustave Drioul  BELat  06h 34m 54s
11 Julien Gabory  FRAat  06h 42m 14s
12 Laurent Tachet  FRAat  06h 55m 54s
13 Julien Maîtron  FRAat  06h 56m 14s
14 René Saget  FRAat  06h 56m 54s
15 Auguste Rist  FRAat  07h 13m 54s
16 Albert Niepçeron  FRAat  07h 29m 54s
17 Achille Colas  FRAat  07h 48m 54s
18 Henri Paret  FRAat  08h 25m 54s
19 Louis Colsaet  FRAat  08h 26m 54s
20 Nicolas Damelincourt  FRAat  08h 28m 54s
21 ? Grimenwald  FRAat  09h 02m 54s
22 Auguste Gauthier  FRAat  09h 17m 54s
23 Émile Poupin  FRAat  11h 26m 54s
24 Antoine De Flotrière  FRAat  19h 38m 54s

Not finished

  Lucien Pothier DisqualifiedFRA
  Maurice Garin DisqualifiedFRA
  Camille Fily DisqualifiedFRA
  César Garin DisqualifiedFRA
  Philippe Jousselin DisqualifiedFRA
  Maurice Carrère DisqualifiedFRA
  Julien Lootens DisqualifiedBEL
  Stéphane Chaput DisqualifiedFRA
  Philippe De Baladé DisqualifiedFRA
  Eugène Delhaye DisqualifiedBEL
  Eugène Geay DisqualifiedFRA
  Hippolyte Aucouturier DisqualifiedFRA
  Auguste Maisonneuve OpgegevenFRA
  Émile Lombard OpgegevenBEL
  Eugène Ventresque OpgegevenFRA
  Michel Frédérick OpgegevenSUI
  Jean-Baptiste Lardillier OpgegevenFRA
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