Milano - San Remo 1909
Milaan - San Remo

Date: 04-04-1909
Distance: 286,7 km
Road - Race
Departure: Milano (Lombardia), Italy
Arrival: San Remo (Liguria), Italy
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1 Luigi Ganna  ITAin  09h 32m 00.00s
2 Émile Georget  FRAat 03m 00.00s
3 Giovanni Cuniolo  ITAat 18m 00.00s
4 Cyrille Van Hauwaert  BELat 18m 00.00s
5 Giovanni Gerbi  ITAat 21m 00.00s
6 François Faber  LUXat 22m 00.00s
7 Carlo Galetti  ITAat 26m 00.00s
8 Vincenzo Borgarello  ITAat 30m 00.00s
9 Omer Beaugendre  FRAat 38m 30.00s
10 Mario Pesce  ITAat 43m 30.00s
11 Georges Lorgeou  FRAat 53m 32.00s
12 Maurice Decaup  FRAat 53m 34.00s
13 André Pierre Pottier  FRAat 53m 36.00s
14 Paul Duboc  FRAat 53m 40.00s
15 Vincenzo Cravotto  ITAat 53m 45.00s
16 Luigi Chiodi  ITAat 54m 00.00s
17 Luigi Azzini  ITAat  01h 02m 00.00s
18 Giovanni Rossignoli  ITAat  01h 02m 10.00s
19 Giuseppe Salvioni  ITAat  01h 06m 00.00s
20 Georges Passerieu  FRAat  01h 07m 00.00s
21 Louis Gabba  FRAat 00.00s
22 Eberardo Pavesi  ITAat 00.00s
23 Ernesto Ferrari  ITAat 00.00s
24 Massimo Remondino  ITAat 00.00s
25 Enrico Verde  ITAat 00.00s
26 Mario Gaioni  ITAat 00.00s
27 Ezio Corlaita  ITAat 00.00s
28 Canzio Brasey  ITAat 00.00s
29 Arturo Branconi  ITAat 00.00s
30 Giovanni Marchese  ITAat 00.00s

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