Milano - San Remo 1926
Milaan - San Remo

Date: 21-03-1926
Distance: 286,5 km
Road - Race
Departure: Milano (Lombardia), Italy
Arrival: San Remo (Liguria), Italy
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1 Costante Girardengo  ITAin  09h 48m 00.00s
2 Nello Ciaccheri  ITAat 06m 40.00s
3 Egidio Picchiottino  ITAat 11m 15.00s
4 Gaetano Belloni  ITAat 12m 45.00s
5 Ardito Bresciani  ITAat 17m 30.00s
6 Ermanno Vallazza  ITAat 18m 30.00s
7 Giuseppe Pancera  ITAat 18m 35.00s
8 Marcel Huot  FRAat 21m 00.00s
9 Romain Bellenger  FRAat 22m 30.00s
10 Secondo Martinetto  ITAat 30m 00.00s
11 Arsène Alancourt  FRAat 35m 00.00s
12 Adriano Zanaga  ITAat 38m 20.00s
13 Umberto Berni  ITAat 40m 50.00s
14 Antonio Montevecchi  ITAat 41m 15.00s
15 Sebastien Piccardo  ITAat 43m 20.00s
16 René Vermandel  BELat 45m 00.00s
17 Gaston Degy  FRAat 45m 00.00s
18 Giovanni Grespan  ITAat 48m 40.00s
19 Gaetano Vezzosi  ITAat 51m 40.00s
20 Michele Robotti  ITAat 57m 00.00s
21 Domenico Tutolo  ITAat  01h 05m 00.00s
22 Antonio Ligori  ITAat  01h 05m 00.00s
23 Mosé Arosio  ITAat  01h 10m 00.00s
24 Eduardo Petiva  ITAat  01h 16m 00.00s
25 Raffaele Perna  ITAat  01h 18m 00.00s
26 Carlo Nespoli  ITAat  01h 18m 00.00s
27 Emilio Petiva  ITAat  01h 21m 00.00s
28 Giacomo Vassanelli  ITAat  01h 21m 00.00s
29 Eligio Picchi  ITAat  01h 23m 00.00s
30 Torino Melli  ITAat  01h 25m 00.00s

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