Milano - San Remo 1943
Milaan - San Remo

Date: 19-03-1943
Distance: 281,5 km
Road - Race
Departure: Milano (Lombardia), Italy
Arrival: San Remo (Liguria), Italy
Category UCI:
Main Milano - San Remo


1 Cino Cinelli  ITAin  08h 06m 00.00s
2 Glauco Servadei  ITAat 00.00s
3 Quirino Toccaceli  ITAat 00.00s
4 Pierino Favalli  ITAat 00.00s
5 Gino Bartali  ITAat 00.00s
6 Mario De Benedetti  ITAat 00.00s
7 Salvatore Crippa  ITAat 00.00s
8 Severino Canavesi  ITAat 00.00s
9 Osvaldo Bailo  ITAat 00.00s
10 Olimpio Bizzi  ITAat 00.00s
11 Giulio Bresci  ITAat 00.00s
12 Mario Fazio  ITAat 00.00s
13 Adolfo Leoni  ITAat 00.00s
14 Fiorenzo Magni  ITAat 00.00s
15 Vito Ortelli  ITAat 00.00s
16 Mario Ricci  ITAat 00.00s
17 Giovanni De Stefanis  ITAat 00.00s
18 Diego Marabelli  ITAat 00.00s
19 Ennio Nardini  ITAat 00.00s
20 Mario Vicini  ITAat 00.00s
21 Valerio Berteotti  ITAat 30.00s
22 Alcide Raffoni  ITAat 02m 00.00s
23 Aldo Bini  ITAat 02m 00.00s
24 Marco Marangoni  ITAat 02m 00.00s
25 Aldo Ronconi  ITAat 02m 00.00s
26 Elio Bertocchi  ITAat 02m 00.00s
27 Giordano Cottur  ITAat 10m 00.00s
28 Primo Volpi  ITAat 10m 00.00s
29 Primo Zuccotti  ITAat 10m 00.00s
30 Alfredo Martini  ITAat 12m 00.00s

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