Tour of the West 1955

19-09-1955 - 25-09-1955
Main Tour of the West



38 starters
Ian Greenfield (Scotland), aged 24.
George Orr (Bankstown), age 22.
Murray French (Victoria) 23!!
Angelo Catalano (Italy), age24.
Bob Leach (Western Suburbs)24.
Mario Giramondo (Italy), age 24.
Viv Blazely (Tasmania), age22.
Jack Griffin (St. George), age 23.
Les Oates (Ashfield), age 27.
Neil Peadon (St. George), age 25.
Max Rowe (Dubbo) age 20.
Harold Buttswtorh (Bathurst)age 25.
Len Hammond (Ashfield), age 33.
Max McGinty (Western Suburbs) 18.
Jim Halloran (Campsie), age 26.
Mick Shannon (Nepean), age 20.
Max Walker (Goulburn), age 21.
Roy Levett (Campsie), age 38.
Eddie Hulbert (St. George) age 26.
Tom Williams (Campsie), age 34.
Alec Fulcher (Bankstown) age 19.
Don Ellison (Nowra) age 21.
Jack Dalzell (Wollongong) age 26.
Kevin Thompson (St. George) age 20.
Sid Long (Bankstown), age 23.
Barry Robins (Victoria), age 21.
Bob France (Ashfield), age 24.
Ten Budrodeen (Wollongong) age 22.
Bob Dunn (Western Suburbs) age 22.
Ossie Cowan (Ashfield), age 35.
George Murray (Campsie), age 20.
Hariy Bullard Western Suburbs) 20.
John Graham (Wollongong) age 22.
Colin Haynes (Bathurst), age 28.
Jim Bundy (Western Suburbs) age 29.
Barry Johnson (St. George) age 19.
Tom Blair (Bourke), age 19.
Clive Gribble(Western Suburbs) 50.
Claude Jones (Wollongong) age 32.
Alan Hart (Ashfield) ? d.n.s !

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