Camilla Møllebro Pedersen

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Name: Camilla
Family name: Møllebro Pedersen
Nationality: Denmark
Age: 37 years
Date of birth: 21-05-1984
Place of birth: Lemvig (Midtjyllen), Denmark


All races

2014    3º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Denmark (F), Fåborg (Syddanmark), Denmark 

2015    2º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Denmark (F), Rønde (Midtjyllen), Denmark 

2016    10º in Pajot Hills Classic, (Gooik (F) (b)), Gooik (Brabant), Belgium 

2017    62º in Drentse 8 (F), The Netherlands 
2017    29º in Stage 1 part b Healthy Ageing Tour, (Energiewacht Tour (F)), Grijpskerk (Groningen), The Netherlands 
2017    21º in Stage 1 part a Healthy Ageing Tour, (Energiewacht Tour (F)), Leek (Groningen), The Netherlands 
2017    7º in Stage 2 Healthy Ageing Tour, (Energiewacht Tour (F)), Baflo (Groningen), The Netherlands 
2017    40º in Stage 3 Healthy Ageing Tour, (Energiewacht Tour (F)), Stadskanaal (Groningen), The Netherlands 
2017    15º in Stage 4 Healthy Ageing Tour, (Energiewacht Tour (F)), Finsterwolde (Groningen), The Netherlands 
2017    1º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Denmark (F), Denmark 

Photo: © Hitec Products - Birk Sport
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