the Cycling Game

General Classification 2018

1Gouwe KouwieGouwe KouwieNED 7980 
2Stinus biekersStinusBEL 7794 
3YegoesJaco SNED 7723 
4ucijeroenNED 7712 
5The flippens Bike TeamDe FlippenBEL 7399 
6De Spaanse ArmadapletinckBEL 7391 
7The InstigatorThe InstigatorNED 7386 
8ArsenalKevin2BEL 7327 
9uiltjeUiltjeNED 7289 
10fast forwardsven1982BEL 7178 



Foto Quiz

Photo courtesy: TXITXARRO

Know or guess the name of the rider in the picture and you will be awarded 5 ponts.

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