Harm Smits

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Name: Harm
Family name: Smits
Nationality: The Netherlands
Age: 65 years
Date of birth: 30-01-1923
Place of birth: Amsterdam (Noord-Holland), The Netherlands
Date of death:12-02-1988
Place of death: Duffel (Antwerpen), Belgium
Professional: 1947-1959


All races

1946    1º in Groeistad Klassieker, (Amersfoort), Amersfoort (Utrecht), The Netherlands 

1947    1º in Hulst, Amateurs, Hulst (Zeeland), The Netherlands 
1947    1º in Schoondijke, Amateurs, Schoondijke (Zeeland), The Netherlands 

1948    2º in Brunssum, Brunssum (Limburg), The Netherlands 

1949    3º in Ronde van Purmerend, (Purmerend), Purmerend (Noord-Holland), The Netherlands 
1949    2º in Stage 1 Ronde van Nederland, Leeuwarden (Friesland), The Netherlands 
1949    5º in Grote CPC-Prijs, (Sas van Gent), Sas van Gent (Zeeland), The Netherlands 

1950    7º in Grote Kermiskoers, (Kruiningen), Kruiningen (Zeeland), The Netherlands 
1950    1º in Profomnium Elsloo, (Elsloo), Elsloo (Limburg), The Netherlands 
1950    1º in Helmond, Helmond (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 

1951    3º in Wormerveer, Wormerveer (Noord-Holland), The Netherlands 
1951    8º in Oostburg, Oostburg (Zeeland), The Netherlands 

1952    1º in Stage 6 Ronde van Duitsland, (Deutschland Tour), Wiesbaden (Hessen), Germany 
1952    1º in Roosendaal (a), Roosendaal (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 
1952    3º in Sint Willebrord, Sint Willebrord (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 
1952    1º in Eede (Z.Vl.) Benelux Ronde, (Eede), Eede (Zeeland), The Netherlands 
1952    1º in Wouw, Wouw (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 

1953    1º in Berlin, Couple Race, Berlin (Berlin), Germany  + Cor Bakker 
1953    3º in Stage 1 Deutsches Dreitagerennen, Stuttgart (Baden-Wurttemberg), Germany 

1956    2º in Hengstdijk, Hengstdijk (Zeeland), The Netherlands 

1957    1º in Chicago, Six Days, Chicago (Illinois), United States of America  + Peter Post 
1957    10º in Axel, Axel (Zeeland), The Netherlands 

1958    2º in Cleveland, Six Days, Cleveland (Ohio), United States of America 
1958    2º in Hoensbroek, Hoensbroek (Limburg), The Netherlands 

Photo: courtesy Wim Dingemanse
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Victories in the database: 11
Track – Six Days: 1
Road – Criterium: 8
Road – Stage: 1
Road – Couple Race: 1
Victories by team/year:
1947: 2 victories
1948: 0 victories
1949: 0 victories
1950: 2 victories
1951: 0 victories
1952: 4 victories
1953: 1 victory
1954: 0 victories
1955: 0 victories
1956: 0 victories
1957: 1 victory
1958: 0 victories
1959: 0 victories

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