Jovan Divnić

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Name: Jovan
Family name: Divnić
Nationality: Serbia
Age: years
Date of birth: 00-00-2002
Place of birth:


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2018    3º in Stage 11 Danube Cup, (Dunavski Kup), Bosanski Petrovac (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bosnia Hercegovina 
2018    1º in Stage 14 Danube Cup, (Dunavski Kup), Serbia 
2018    1º in Stage 15 Danube Cup, (Dunavski Kup), Serbia 

2019    1º in National Championship, Road, Juniors, Serbia, Serbia 
2019    1º in Stage 9 Danube Cup, (Dunavski Kup), Backi Petrovac (Serbia proper), Serbia 

2020    2º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Juniors, Serbia, Serbia 
2020    2º in Stage 2 Belgrade Trophy Milan Panic, Juniors, Serbia 
2020    3º in Nagrada Sombora, (Sombor), Serbia 

2021    4º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Serbia, Serbia 
2021    1º in Stage 2 Tour of Serbia, Ronde van Servië, (Kroz Srbiju), Čačak (Vojvodina), Serbia 
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