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   Suzanne van Veen

Name: Suzanne
Family name: van Veen
Nationality: The Netherlands
Age: 26 years
Date of birth: 03-10-1987
Place of birth:


2005     Buitenpoort - Flexpoint Team (The Netherlands) 
2006     Buitenpoort - Flexpoint Team (The Netherlands) 
2007     Flexpoint (The Netherlands) 
2008     Flexpoint (The Netherlands) 
2009     Leontien.nl (The Netherlands) 


All races
2003    6º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Novices, The Netherlands (F), The Netherlands 
2006    2º in National Championship, Track, Scratch, Elite, The Netherlands (F), Alkmaar (Noord-Holland), The Netherlands 
2007    2º in Zwijndrecht -NL- (F), The Netherlands 
2008    3º in Rotterdam (b) (F) (Vierdaagse van Rotterdam) , The Netherlands 
2008    2º in Oud-Vossemeer (F), The Netherlands 
2008    1º in Hilversum (F), The Netherlands 
2008    2º in National Championship, Road, Univ., The Netherlands (F), Sint Geertruid (Limburg), The Netherlands 
2009    1º in National Championship for Clubs, Road, TTT, The Netherlands (F), The Netherlands  + Chantal Blaak  + Lotte van Hoek  + Marit Huisman 

Photo: courtesy Jack Claassen

Photo: courtesy Jack Claassen

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Victories in the database: 2
Road – Criterium: 1
Road – National Championship: 1
Victories by team/year:
2005: 0 victories
2006: 0 victories
2007: 0 victories
2008: 1 victory
2009: 1 victory