Jean Hoffmann

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Name: Jean
Family name: Hoffmann
Nationality: France
Age: 85 years
Date of birth: 24-07-1934
Place of birth: Chantilly (Picardie), France
Professional: 1958-1961


All races

1955    9º in Stage 1 Vredeskoers / Course de la Paix / Friedensfahrt / Peace Race, (Závod Míru), Praha (Pardubicky Kraj), Czech Republic 
1955    5º in Stage 9 Vredeskoers / Course de la Paix / Friedensfahrt / Peace Race, (Závod Míru), Cottbus (Brandenburg), German Democratic Republik 

1958    3º in Guéret, Guéret (Limousin), France 
1958    1º in Stage 1 Ronde van Normandië, (Tour de Normandie), Cherbourg (Basse-Normandie), France 

1959    3º in Etoile du Léon, (Landivisiau), Landivisiau (Bretagne), France 
1959    3º in Saint-Denis-de l'Hotel, Saint-Denis-de l'Hotel (Centre), France 
1959    2º in Stage 2 Tour de l'Aude, Quillan (Languedoc-Roussillon), France 
1959    21º in Stage 1 Tour de France, Metz (Lorraine), France 
1959    95º in Stage 2 Tour de France, Namur (Namur), Belgium 
1959    97º in Stage 3 Tour de France, Roubaix (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 
1959    14º in Stage 4 Tour de France, Rouen (Haute-Normandie), France 
1959    113º in Stage 5 Tour de France, Rennes (Bretagne), France 
1959    112º in Stage 6 Tour de France, Nantes (Pays de la Loire), France 
1959    115º in Stage 7 Tour de France, La Rochelle (Poitou-Charentes), France 
1959    98º in Stage 8 Tour de France, Bordeaux (Aquitaine), France 
1959    40º in Stage 9 Tour de France, Bayonne (Aquitaine), France 
1959    89º in Stage 10 Tour de France, Bagnères-de-Bigorre (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
1959    95º in Stage 11 Tour de France, Saint-Gaudens (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
1959    81º in Stage 12 Tour de France, Albi (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
1959    48º in Stage 13 Tour de France, Aurillac (Auvergne), France 
1959    79º in Stage 14 Tour de France, Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne), France 

1960    1º in Stage 1 Tour de l'Ariège, France 

1962    3º in Paris - Mantes, Mantes (Ile-de-France), France 
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Victories in the database: 2
Road – Stage: 2
Victories by team/year:
1958: 1 victory
1959: 0 victories
1960: 1 victory
1961: 0 victories
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