Yevgeniy Sladkov

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Name: Yevgeniy
Family name: Sladkov
Nationality: Kazakhstan
Age: 35 years
Date of birth: 15-12-1983
Place of birth: Oral (West Kazakhstan), Kazakhstan
Professional: 2006-2008

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1213
Points: 16.00





UCI Ranking



All races

2005    1º in Circuit des 2 ponts Montluçon, (Montluçon (g)), Montluçon (Auvergne), France 

2006    3º in Circuit Boussaquin, (Boussac (a)), Boussac (Limousin), France 
2006    5º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Kazakhstan, Almaty (Almaty City), Kazakhstan 

2008    7º in Stage 7 Tour of Hainan, China 
2008    8º in General Classification Tour of Hainan, China 

2009    2º in General Classification Circuit des Monts du Livradois, France 
2009    8º in Stage 1 Tour of Qinghai Lake, China 
2009    4º in Stage 3 Tour of Qinghai Lake, Xining (Qinghai), China 
2009    6º in Stage 7 Tour of Qinghai Lake, China 
2009    8º in General Classification Tour of Qinghai Lake, China 

2010    2º in Asian Cycling Championships, Track, Scratch, Elite, Unknown 
2010    7º in General Classification Giro del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy 

2011    2º in Stage 3 GP of Adygeya, Maikop (Adygeya, Republic of), Russia 
2011    9º in GP of Moscow, (Moscou), Moscou (Moscou City), Russia 

Photo: © Jartazi - 7Mobile - Gatorade
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Road - Race: 1
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2006: 0 victories
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