Hans-Rüdi Märki

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Name: Hans-Rüdi
Family name: Märki
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 63 years
Date of birth: 18-06-1960
Place of birth: Leuggern (Aargau), Switzerland
Professional: 1986-1992


All races

1979    3º in National Championship, Track, Pursuit, Elite, Switzerland, Switzerland 

1982    1º in Prologue Circuit des Ardennes, Sault-lès-Rethel (Champagne-Ardenne), France 
1982    2º in Grand Prix of Locarno, (Locarno, Amateurs), Locarno (Ticino), Switzerland 

1987    1º in Stage 1 part c Elgg, Elgg (Thurgau), Switzerland 
1987    3º in General Classification Elgg, Elgg (Thurgau), Switzerland 
1987    2º in F.I.C.P. Winter Championships, Track, Madison, Elite, Zürich (Zürich), Switzerland 

1988    3º in European Championship, Track, Madison, Elite, Unknown 
1988    1º in Zurzach, Zurzach (Aargau), Switzerland  + Mario Chiesa 
1988    3º in Zürich - Affoltern, Affoltern (Aargau), Switzerland 

1989    3º in Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent, (Gent, Six Days), Gent (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 

1990    2º in Stage 3 Elgg, Elgg (Thurgau), Switzerland 
1990    3º in Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent, (Gent, Six Days), Gent (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1990    3º in Leimentalrundfahrt, (Oberwil), Oberwil (Basel-Landschaft), Switzerland 
1990    2º in Zürich, Six Days, Zürich (Zürich), Switzerland 
1990    1º in Zurzach, Zurzach (Aargau), Switzerland  + Gusti Zollinger 
1990    2º in Stuttgart, Six Days, Stuttgart (Baden-Wurttemberg), West-Germany 
1990    26º in Milaan - San Remo, (Milano - San Remo), San Remo (Liguria), Italy 
1990    2º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Switzerland, Switzerland 
1990    17º in Prologue Tour de France, Futuroscope (Poitou-Charentes), France 
1990    179º in Stage 1 Tour de France, Futuroscope (Poitou-Charentes), France 
1990    85º in Stage 3 Tour de France, Nantes (Pays de la Loire), France 
1990    137º in Stage 4 Tour de France, Mont Saint Michel (Bretagne), France 
1990    79º in Stage 5 Tour de France, Rouen (Haute-Normandie), France 
1990    72º in Stage 6 Tour de France, Vittel (Lorraine), France 
1990    34º in Stage 7 Tour de France, Épinal (Lorraine), France 
1990    30º in Stage 8 Tour de France, Besançon (Franche-Comte), France 
1990    15º in Stage 9 Tour de France, , Switzerland 
1990    80º in Stage 10 Tour de France, Saint-Gervais (Rhone-Alpes), France 
1990    114º in Stage 11 Tour de France, L'Alpe-d'Huez (Rhone-Alpes), France 
1990    33º in Stage 12 Tour de France, Villard-de-Lans (Rhone-Alpes), France 
1990    117º in Stage 13 Tour de France, Saint-Étienne (Rhone-Alpes), France 
1990    90º in Stage 14 Tour de France, Millau (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
1990    46º in Stage 15 Tour de France, Revel (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
1990    99º in Stage 16 Tour de France, Luz (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
1990    82º in Stage 17 Tour de France, Pau (Aquitaine), France 
1990    153º in Stage 18 Tour de France, Bordeaux (Aquitaine), France 
1990    12º in GP des Amériques, GP Téléglobe, (Montréal (a)), Montréal (Quebec), Canada 

1992    9º in Ronde van Midden-Zeeland, (Middelburg - Goes), Goes (Zeeland), The Netherlands 

Photo: courtesy Wim Dingemanse
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Victories in the database: 4
Road – Criterium: 1
Road - Couple Time Trial: 2
Road – Prologue: 1
Victories by team/year:
1981: 0 victories
1983: 0 victories
1984: 0 victories
1986: 0 victories
1987: 1 victory
1988: 1 victory
1989: 0 victories
1990: 1 victory
1991: 0 victories
1992: 0 victories

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