Beat Schumacher

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Name: Beat
Family name: Schumacher
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 55 years
Date of birth: 16-03-1964
Place of birth: Sulz (Aargau), Switzerland


All races

1981    1º in World Championship, Road, Juniors, Grimma (Sachsen), German Democratic Republik 
1981    1º in National Championship, Road, Juniors, Switzerland, Switzerland 

1982    1º in World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Juniors, Lanarvily (Bretagne), France 
1982    1º in Stage 3 Vöslauer Jugend Tour, Bank Austria Jugend Tour, (Dusika Jugend Tour, Juniors), Maria Taferl (Niederösterreich), Austria 
1982    1º in Stage 4 Vöslauer Jugend Tour, Bank Austria Jugend Tour, (Dusika Jugend Tour, Juniors), Weissenkirchen in der Wachau (Niederösterreich), Austria 

1983    1º in Leibstadt, Cyclo-cross, Leibstadt (Aargau), Switzerland 

1984    1º in Endingen, Endingen (Aargau), Switzerland 
1984    1º in Schynberg Rundfahrt Sulz, (Sulz), Sulz (Aargau), Switzerland 
1984    5º in Stage 2 GP Guillaume Tell, Volketswil (Zürich), Switzerland 
1984    3º in Stage 5 GP Guillaume Tell, Laufen (Schaffhausen), Switzerland 
1984    3º in Stage 7 GP Guillaume Tell, Zürich (Zürich), Switzerland 
1984    7º in General Classification GP Guillaume Tell, Switzerland 

1985    3º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Switzerland, Switzerland 
1985    2º in World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Amateurs, München (Bayern), West-Germany 
1985    3º in # 1, (Steinmaur, Cyclo-cross), Steinmaur (Zürich), Switzerland 
1985    3º in Dagmersellen, Cyclo-cross, Dagmersellen (Aargau), Switzerland 

Photo: © Philippe HUGUENIN
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Victories in the database: 8
Cyclo-cross - Race: 1
Cyclo-cross - World Championship: 1
Road – Criterium: 1
Road – Stage: 2
Road – National Championship: 1
Road - Race: 1
Road - World Championship: 1
Victories by team/year:
1986: 0 victories

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