Antonio Molina Canet

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Name: Antonio
Family name: Molina Canet
Nationality: Spain
Age: 27 years
Date of birth: 04-01-1991
Place of birth: Jávea (Castilla-La Mancha), Spain
Professional: 2014-

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1171
Points: 14.00



UCI Ranking



All races

2011    1º in San Gregorio Proba, (San Gregorio), San Gregorio (Pais Vasco), Spain 

2012    5º in General Classification Trofeo Bahamontes, (Vuelta a Toledo), Spain 
2012    2º in San Bartolome, Spain 
2012    2º in Zaldivia, Zaldivia (Pais Vasco), Spain 

2013    2º in Subida a Urraki, (Azpeitia), Azpeitia (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    1º in Stage 1 Vuelta a Navarra, Elite/U23, Villatuerta (Navarra), Spain 
2013    2º in Stage 2 Vuelta a Navarra, Elite/U23, Pamplona (Navarra), Spain 
2013    1º in General Classification Vuelta a Navarra, Elite/U23, Spain 
2013    5º in San Juan Sari Nagusia, (Segura (a)), Segura (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    5º in Prueba San Juan, (Segura (b)), Segura (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    3º in Stage 2 Vuelta Madrid, U23, Villa del Prado (Madrid), Spain 
2013    9º in General Classification Vuelta Madrid, U23, Spain 
2013    5º in General Classification Vuelta a Zamora, Spain 
2013    4º in Andra Mari Sari, (Urdúliz), Urdúliz (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    4º in Circuito del Sollube, (Bermeo), Bermeo (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    4º in Oñate Saria, (Oñate), Oñate (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    3º in Zaldivia, Zaldivia (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    3º in Zaldibia Sari Nagusia, (Zaldivia (a)), Zaldivia (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2013    3º in San Saturio, (Soria), Soria (Castilla y Leon), Spain 

2016    24º in General Classification Ronde van Catalonië, (Volta Ciclista a Catalunya), Spain 
2016    53º in GP Plumelec-Morbihan, (Plumelec (a)), Plumelec (Bretagne), France 

2017    14º in General Classification Tour of Utah, United States of America 
2017    5º in Stage 1 Gevaudan, (Tour du Gévaudan), Florac (Languedoc-Roussillon), France 
2017    5º in General Classification Gevaudan, (Tour du Gévaudan), France 
2017    16º in General Classification International Presidency Turkey Tour, Turkey 

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Victories in the database: 3
Classification – Road – General Classification: 1
Road – Stage: 1
Road - Race: 1
Victories by team/year:
2010: 0 victories
2011: 1 victory
2012: 0 victories
2013: 2 victories
2014: 0 victories
2015: 0 victories
2016: 0 victories
2017: 0 victories
2018: 0 victories

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