Anaïs Morichon

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Name: Anaïs
Family name: Morichon
Nationality: France
Age: 23 years
Date of birth: 06-10-1999
Place of birth: Limoges (Limousin), France


All races

2016    19º in European Championship, Cyclo-cross, U23 (F), Pontchâteau (Pays de la Loire), France 

2019    3º in # 1, (Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, Cyclo-cross (F)), Bagnoles-de-l'Orne (Basse-Normandie), France 
2019    3º in Coulounieix-Chamiers, Cyclo-cross (F), Coulounieix-Chamiers (Aquitaine), France 

2020    3º in Rymarov, Cyclo-cross (F), Rymarov (Moravskoslezsky Kraj), Czech Republic 
2020    2º in Jicin, Cyclo-cross (F), Jicin (Kralovehradecky Kraj), Czech Republic 
2020    1º in # 1, (Topolcianky, Cyclo-cross (F)), Topolcianky (Nitra), Slovakia 

2021    14º in World Championship, Cyclo-cross, U23 (F), Oostende (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
2021    2º in Boulzicourt, Cyclo-cross (F), Boulzicourt (Champagne-Ardenne), France 
2021    2º in # 1, (Quelneuc, Cyclo-cross (F)), Quelneuc (Bretagne), France 
2021    2º in # 2, (Quelneuc, Cyclo-cross (F)), Quelneuc (Bretagne), France 
2021    1º in Parc de la combe à la Serpent, (Dijon, Cyclo-cross (F)), Dijon (Bourgogne), France 
2021    1º in Ziklokross Laudio, (Llodio, Cyclo-cross (F)), Llodio (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2021    3º in Karrantza, Cyclo-cross (F), Karrantza (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2021    3º in # 1, (Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, Cyclo-cross (F)), Bagnoles-de-l'Orne (Basse-Normandie), France 
2021    3º in # 2, (Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, Cyclo-cross (F)), Bagnoles-de-l'Orne (Basse-Normandie), France 

2022    19º in World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite (F), Fayetteville (Arkansas), United States of America 
2022    5º in Stage 2 Tour de Bretagne (F), Inzinzac (Bretagne), France 
2022    5º in General Classification Tour de Bretagne (F), France 
2022    4º in GP Plumelec-Morbihan, (Plumelec (F)), France 
2022    4º in Stage 5 Thüringen-Rundfahrt der Frauen (F), Gotha (Thuringen), Germany 
2022    16º in European Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite (F), Namur (Namur), Belgium 
2022    1º in Auxerre, Cyclo-cross (F), Auxerre (Bourgogne), France 
2022    1º in # 1, (Camors, Cyclo-cross (F)), Camors (Bretagne), France 
2022    1º in # 2, (Camors, Cyclo-cross (F)), Camors (Bretagne), France 

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