Rémy Mertz

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Name: Rémy
Family name: Mertz
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 27 years
Date of birth: 17-07-1995
Place of birth: Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Luxemburg
Professional: 2017-

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1125
Points: 87.00










All races

2011    1º in Thieusies, Mountainbike, Novices, Thieusies (Hainaut), Belgium 
2011    1º in Provinciaal Kampioenschap Waals-Brabant - Namen - Luxemburg, Road, Novices, Belgium, Vielsalm (Luxembourg), Belgium 
2011    3º in Stage 4 Vlaanderen Ridley Tour, Novices, Banneux (Liege), Belgium 
2011    1º in Langdorp, Mountainbike, Novices, Langdorp (Brabant), Belgium 

2012    1º in Mabompré, Mabompré (Luxembourg), Belgium 

2013    3º in Bastogne, Bastogne (Luxembourg), Belgium 
2013    3º in Attert, Attert (Luxembourg), Belgium 
2013    3º in Stage 2 Tour du Valromey, Juniors, Échallon (Rhone-Alpes), France 
2013    5º in Stage 4 Tour du Valromey, Juniors, Hauteville-Lompnes (Rhone-Alpes), France 
2013    4º in General Classification Tour du Valromey, Juniors, France 
2013    7º in Ronde van Vlaanderen, Juniors, Herzele (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 

2014    8º in General Classification Fleche du Sud, (Flèche du Sud), Luxemburg 
2014    2º in GP Momignies Interclub, Memorial F. Leners, (Momignies (a)), Momignies (Hainaut), Belgium 

2015    3º in Stage 3 Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux - Frasnes, U23, Flobecq (Hainaut), Belgium 
2015    1º in GP Georges Mathy, (Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert), Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert (Brabant), Belgium 
2015    1º in Stage 5 Carpathia Couriers Path, Veszprém (Veszprem), Hungary 
2015    5º in Gala Tour de France, (Luxembourg, Criterium), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Luxemburg 
2015    1º in Stage 2 Tour de la Province de Namur, Bièvre (Namur), Belgium 
2015    2º in Hoeleden Dries, (Hoeleden), Hoeleden (Brabant), Belgium 

2016    4º in Bordeaux - Saintes, France 
2016    3º in Printanière Pollinoise, (Polleur), Polleur (Liege), Belgium 
2016    2º in Annemasse - Bellegarde et retour, France 
2016    6º in Liège - Bastogne - Liège, Luik - Bastenaken - Luik U23, (Liège, U23), Liège (Liege), Belgium 
2016    1º in GP Affligem Grote Paasprijs : Interclub, (Affligem), Affligem (Vlaams-Brabant), Belgium 
2016    5º in Coppa del Laghi - Trofeo Almar, (Laghi), Angera (Lombardia), Italy 

2018    90º in Ronde van Drenthe, The Netherlands 
2018    14º in Eschborn-Frankfurt City Loop, Rund um den Henninger Turm, GP van Frankfurt, Rund um den Finanzplatz, (Frankfurt am Main), Frankfurt am Main (Hessen), Germany 
2018    2º in Stage 1 Hammer Limburg, The Netherlands 

2019    10º in Memorial José Samyn, (Fayt-le-Franc), Belgium 
2019    2º in Stage 1 Hammer Stavanger, Ullandhaug (Rogaland), Norway 
2019    5º in Famenne Ardenne Classic, (Marche-en-Famenne), Marche-en-Famenne (Luxembourg), Belgium 

2021    10º in Stage 1 Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, Ondara (Comunidad Valenciana), Spain 
2021    6º in Stage 3 Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, Dos Aguas (Comunidad Valenciana), Spain 
2021    7º in General Classification Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, Spain 
2021    3º in Classica da Arrabida, (São Miguel de Rio Torto), Portugal 
2021    4º in Stage 2 Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour, La Verpillière (Rhone-Alpes), France 
2021    4º in Stage 3 Tour of Slovenia, Krsko (Brezovica), Slovenia 
2021    8º in Stage 4 Tour du Limousin, Limoges (Limousin), France 
2021    18º in Brussels Cycling Classic, (Paris - Brussel), Belgium 
2021    8º in Tour du Doubs, Trophée Stan Ockers, (Morteau - Pontarlier), France 

2022    17º in Clásica de Almería, (Almería), Spain 
2022    9º in Stage 3 Tour du Var et des Alpes Maritimes, (Tour du Haut-Var), Blausasc (Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur), France 
2022    3º in Per Sempre Alfredo, (Florence), Italy 
2022    3º in Stage 4 Settimana Ciclistica Internazionale Coppi-Bartali, Montecatini (Toscana), Italy 
2022    7º in Stage 5 Tour of Hellas, (Tour of Greece), Ioánnina (Ioannina), Greece 
2022    10º in Stage 3 Ronde van Luxemburg, (Tour de Luxembourg), Diekirch (Diekirch), Luxemburg 
2022    7º in Stage 5 Ronde van Luxemburg, (Tour de Luxembourg), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Luxemburg 

Photo: courtesy foac.be
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Victories in the database: 8
Mountainbike – Race: 2
Road – Stage: 2
Road - Race: 4
Victories by team/year:
2012: 1 victory
2014: 0 victories
2015: 3 victories
2016: 1 victory
2017: 0 victories
2018: 0 victories
2019: 0 victories
2020: 0 victories
2021: 0 victories
2022: 0 victories

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