Tour de France 1905

Date: 11-07-1905
2º stage
Distance: 299 km
Road – Stage
Departure: Nancy (Lorraine), France
Arrival: Besançon (Franche-Comte), France
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In the second stage, the first major climb, the Ballon d’Alsace, made its debut. Four riders were the fasted climbers: Trousselier, René Pottier, Cornet and Aucouturier. Of those four, Trousselier and Aucouturier were the first to be dropped, and Cornet had to drop in the final kilometers. The top was therefore reached first by René Pottier, without dismounting, at an average speed of 20 km/h. Cornet, who reached the top second, had to wait 20 minutes for his bicycle with higher gear, because his support car had broken down. Later Aucouturier caught Pottier, and dropped him, and won the stage. Pottier became second in the stage and led the classification. Seven cyclists did not reach the finish in time because they were out of spare tyres due to the many flats they had during this stage and therefore were again allowed to start the next stage. These men reached the finish by train by the way.


1 Hippolyte Aucouturier  FRAin  10h 11m 1.00 pt
2 René Pottier  FRAat 10m 4.00 pt
3 Louis Trousselier  FRAat 26m 8.00 pt
4 Julien Maîtron  FRAat 31m 10.00 pt
5 Henri Cornet  FRAat 45m 30s 13.00 pt
6 Germain Fourchotte  FRAat 51m 30s 15.00 pt
7 Lucien Petit-Breton  FRAat  01h 10m 19.00 pt
8 Julien Gabory  FRAat  01h 10m 20.00 pt
9 Émile Georget  FRAat  01h 10m 21.00 pt
10 Jean-Baptiste Dortignacq  FRAat  01h 29m 25.00 pt
11 Paul Chauvet  FRAat  01h 51m 30.00 pt
12 Aloïs Catteau  BELat  02h 19m 36.00 pt
13 Augustin Ringeval  FRAat  02h 19m 37.00 pt
14 Elie Monge  FRAat  02h 19m 38.00 pt
15 Jean-Baptiste Fischer  FRAat  02h 56m 07s 46.00 pt
16 Georges Sérès  FRAat  03h 34m 12s 54.00 pt
17 Léon Leygoute  FRAat  04h 29m 25s 65.00 pt
18 Camille Fily  FRAat  04h 38m 01s 67.00 pt
19 Antony Wattelier  FRAat  04h 38m 01s 68.00 pt
20 Philippe Pautrat  FRAat  04h 38m 01s 69.00 pt
21 Gustave Guillarme  FRAat  04h 38m 01s 70.00 pt
22 Georges Pasquier  FRAat  04h 38m 01s 71.00 pt
23 Martin Soulié  FRAat  04h 38m 02s 72.00 pt
24 Maurice Carrère  FRAat  04h 38m 02s 73.00 pt
25 Emile Pinchaud  FRAat  04h 38m 02s 74.00 pt
26 Auguste Théo  FRAat  05h 56m 85.00 pt
27 Maurice Decaup  FRAat  07h 04m 96.00 pt
28 Auguste Daumain  FRAat  07h 04m 01s 97.00 pt
29 Henri Richard  FRAat  07h 14m 01s 100.00 pt
30 Henri Pépin de Gontaud  FRAat  08h 04m 01s 111.00 pt
31 Maurice Chédebois  FRAat  09h 04m 122.00 pt
32 Fernand Lallement  FRAat  09h 18m 125.00 pt
33 Pierre Desvages  FRAat  12h 34m 136.00 pt
34 Henri Lignon  FRAat 00.00s 136.00 pt
34 Jules Chosson  FRAat 00.00s 136.00 pt
34 Julien Lootens  BELat 00.00s 136.00 pt
34 Auguste Laprée  FRAat 00.00s 136.00 pt
34 Clovis Lacroix  FRAat 00.00s 136.00 pt
34 Georges Gabriel Baamonde  FRAat 00.00s 136.00 pt
34 Eugène Ventresque  FRAat 00.00s 136.00 pt

Not finished

  Joseph Delporte Did Not FinishFRA
  Charles Habert Did Not FinishFRA
  Francis Gouspy Did Not FinishFRA
  Henri Marchand Did Not FinishFRA
  Léon Habets Did Not StartFRA
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