Tim Kennaugh

Name: Tim
Family name: Kennaugh
Nationality: Great Britain
Date of birth: 00-00-0000
Place of birth:


2015    JLT CondorGBRAssistent Team Manager
2016    JLT CondorGBRAssistent Team Manager
2017    JLT - CondorGBRGeneral Manager

Victories by team/year

2015 JLT Condor:
03-01-2015    Manchester, Scratch (a) Ed Clancy
03-05-2015    Stage 3 Tour of Ulster Edward Laverack
22-05-2015    Aberystwyth Ed Clancy
26-05-2015    Motherwell, Criterium Kristian House
28-05-2015    Durham Richard Handley
09-06-2015    Peterborough (a) Ed Clancy
28-06-2015    Fiorenzuola d Arda, Scratch Ed Clancy
24-07-2015    Beverley, Criterium Felix English
03-08-2015    Stage 4 Suir Valley Edward Laverack
03-08-2015    General Classification Suir Valley Edward Laverack
05-08-2015    Chepstow, Criterium Graham Briggs
07-08-2015    Abergavenny, Criterium Graham Briggs
30-08-2015    Braithwell (a) Graham Briggs

2016 JLT Condor:
20-01-2016    Stage 1 New Zealand Cycle Classic Christopher Lawless
13-02-2016    National Championship, Track, Scratch, Elite, New Zealand Alex Frame
14-04-2016    Stage 2 Tour du Loir-Et-Cher Edmond Provost Russell Downing
16-04-2016    Stage 1 Tour of the Reservoir Thomas Moses
24-04-2016    Rutland - Melton Conor Dunne
12-05-2016    Ramsey Christopher Lawless
17-05-2016    Motherwell, Criterium Jonathan Mould
19-05-2016    Edinburgh Graham Briggs
26-05-2016    Redditch, Criterium Jonathan Mould
27-05-2016    Aberystwyth Jonathan Mould
31-05-2016    Durham Jonathan Mould
02-06-2016    Stoke-on-Trent, Criterium Christopher Lawless
06-06-2016    Stevenage, Criterium Jonathan Mould
07-06-2016    Croydon Jonathan Mould
29-06-2016    Otley, Criterium Christopher Lawless
02-07-2016    Stafford (c) Thomas Moses
08-07-2016    Beverley, Criterium Christopher Lawless
20-07-2016    Sheffield, Criterium Christopher Lawless
26-07-2016    Colne, Criterium Graham Briggs
28-07-2016    National Championship, Road, Criterium, Elite, Great Britain Christopher Lawless
30-07-2016    Stage 1 Suir Valley Stephen Williams
12-08-2016    Olympic Games, Track, Team Pursuit, Elite Ed Clancy
14-08-2016    General Classification British Grand Prix Series Christopher Lawless
14-08-2016    Leicester Christopher Lawless
20-08-2016    Stage 3 Calder Stewart Elite Series Alex Frame
28-08-2016    Braithwell (a) Steven Lampier
13-09-2016    Stage 2 Tour de Poyang Lake Alex Frame
23-09-2016    Stage 11 Tour de Poyang Lake Alex Frame
05-11-2016    Stage 7 Tour of Southland Alex Frame
25-11-2016    Manchester, Points race (b) Ed Clancy
26-11-2016    Manchester, Points race Ed Clancy
02-12-2016    London, Scratch Ed Clancy

2017 JLT - Condor:
01-01-2017    Stage 1 Bay Cycling Classic Ian Bibby
03-01-2017    General Classification Bay Cycling Classic Ian Bibby
24-01-2017    Stage 3 New Zealand Cycle Classic Alex Frame
25-01-2017    Stage 4 New Zealand Cycle Classic Jonathan Mould
26-01-2017    Stage 5 New Zealand Cycle Classic Alex Frame
04-03-2017    Liverpool, Criterium Ed Clancy
09-03-2017    Prologue Jadranska Magistrala Alex Frame
12-03-2017    Stage 3 Jadranska Magistrala Alex Frame
27-03-2017    Stage 2 Tour de Taiwan James Gullen
30-03-2017    Stage 5 Tour de Taiwan Brenton Jones
09-04-2017    Louth Brenton Jones
13-04-2017    Stage 2 Tour du Loir-Et-Cher Edmond Provost Alex Frame
15-04-2017    Chorley Ian Bibby
11-05-2017    Stoke-on-Trent, Criterium Brenton Jones
14-05-2017    Lincoln Ian Bibby
18-05-2017    Croydon Graham Briggs
23-05-2017    Motherwell, Criterium Brenton Jones
28-05-2017    General Classification An Post Ras James Gullen
18-06-2017    Stage 5 Tour de Korea Brenton Jones
02-07-2017    Stage 2 Tour of the Reservoir Thomas Moses
05-07-2017    Skipton, Criterium Jonathan Mould
09-07-2017    Velothon Wales Ian Bibby
14-07-2017    Stockton, Criterium Brenton Jones
16-07-2017    Stockton Brenton Jones
21-07-2017    Beverley, Criterium Brenton Jones
26-07-2017    Colne, Criterium Brenton Jones
10-11-2017    Manchester, Team Pursuit Ed Clancy
10-11-2017    part 2 World Cup, Track, Team Pursuit, Elite Ed Clancy
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